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Your body has always been hard at work to help you be the healthiest you possible. You're already engaged in the process of healing yourself. Right now. Even if you don't feel the truth of this yet, your body knows just what you need to feel wonderful every single day. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to help us listen to and understand the messages our bodies are giving us. The more knowledge we have about our bodies and what's going on with them, the better able we are to continue doing the work of healing ourselves. 

Welcome to Forest & Meadow Apothecary and Herbal Clinic in St. Louis, Missouri. My name is Amanda Jokerst and I am a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Certified Practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy┬«. Combining a unique blend of research-based and traditional herbal medicine, nutritional anthropology, ancient abdominal bodywork and massage techniques, and intuitive listening skills, I bring a diverse skill set to start helping you feel your absolute best as I walk beside you on your path to healing.