How can Arvigo® Therapy work alongside herbal protocols and dietary changes?

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® can be an excellent ally with other systems of healing, particularly herbal and nutritional therapeutics. Arvigo® Therapy works to address the underlying structural issues of imbalance and disease. Again, by removing physical obstacles to cure and improving the various systems of flow in the body (blood, lymph, nerve, chi), this opens the door for the body's innate healing forces to step in. This, in turn, often helps other therapies to be more effective.

For example, let's say someone is struggling with painful periods due to a displaced uterus. The uterus is lying on blood vessels, thereby affecting blood flow to and from the pelvis, lymphatic drainage, as well as nerve communication. The pelvis becomes congested, lacks adequate blood supply, and is burdened by the build up of metabolic wastes. If we give this person herbs to help with the pain, we are only providing symptomatic relief and not addressing the underlying structural issues. Though the herbs may help with the pain, the root cause of the imbalance (the displaced uterus) has not been addressed, potentially setting the client up for long term chronic disease.

Arvigo® Therapy works best as part of a comprehensive health protocol. Sometimes, Arvigo® Therapy could be used similarly to the pain herbs mentioned in the example above. Let's say someone is struggling with chronic digestive issues, yet the root of their issue lies in regular consumption of a food intolerance. Arvigo® Therapy may provide some symptomatic relief and may also help to address underlying structural concerns related to digestive system health. However, if the food in question is not removed from the diet, the person will continue to experience systemic inflammation and digestive disturbance, potentially setting the client up for long term chronic disease.

We have found in our clinic that using The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® in conjunction with herbal and dietary protocols offers our clients the best opportunity for a comprehensive and beneficial wellness plan.


Initial Session - Comprehensive Care (2-3 hours) - $225

  • Combines a full Herbal Medicine Consultation with an Arvigo® Therapy treatment

  • In depth intake and review of health history

  • Research specific to your particular case

  • 60-minute hands-on therapy treatment

  • Learning Self Care Techniques to use at home every day

  • Thorough discussion of beneficial adjunct modalities (herbs, nutrition, castor oil packs, vaginal steams, etc)

  • A detailed, personalized Wellness Plan emailed to you 2-5 business days after appointment (including herbal therapies, dietary shifts, supplement suggestions, lifestyle changes)

  • *Please note: Due to COVID19, the intake portion of the Comprehensive Care Initial Session will be done via phone or Zoom to limit contact time in the office. When you book your appointment, you will be choosing two different appointment times - one for the remote intake session and one for the in-person Arvigo® Therapy treatment.

Follow Up Appointment - Comprehensive Care (90 minutes) - $105

  • Review of Wellness Plan and progress

  • Discussion of adjustments and/or additions to Wellness Plan

  • 60-minute hands-on therapy treatment