Julia Greco

Licensed Massage Therapist

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Julia is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in integrative bodywork. With the insight that our lives are a series of transitions, Julia recognizes the valuable role bodywork plays in encouraging optimal quality of life. Fostering a feeling of ease within the body throughout our unique evolution nurtures our resilience through life changes. Julia’s intention is to facilitate balance into being through a variety of manual techniques that (1) encourage efficient body systems, (2) relieve pain, (3) promote healing of injury/surgery, (4) support emotional distress (5) revive and calm the mind (6) fortify and soften tissue and (7) rejuvenate and settle the spirit. Her hope is to witness clients reach their personal wellness goals so that they can live their very best life; and, in turn, the ripple will expand outward within community for a healthier whole.

Julia’s foundational training is from the Berkana Institute for Massage Therapy in Longmont, Colorado. The curriculum at the Berkana Institute is extraordinary because it ventures to saturate the art of bodywork, encouraging therapists to create their own art form within the science of researched, traditional massage techniques. Julia strives to create a cohesive and individualized session for her clients blending a medley of bodywork styles to deliver holistic massage. She continued her education in Ashiatsu Massage with DeepFeet in Boulder, CO and in Manual Lymphatic Drainage with The Center of Massage Therapy. Julia integrates elements of Neuromuscular/Trigger point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Zen Shiatsu, Thai on the table, Ashiatsu and Manual Lymphatic Drainage into her practice.

Understanding that the needs of every client are unique, as well as dynamic—potentially shifting daily or in each moment—Julia finds it essential to tailor each session plan as its own. Julia works together with her clients to design a strategy for a particular session in pre-consultation, while continuing be present, focused, and open throughout the massage. During the session Julia pays attention to biofeedback, listens for cues from the body, keeps flexibility in her style, evolves in her technique, and communicates with her clients accordingly. Through this approach, Julia provides a nourishing experience with therapeutic bodywork that is specifically aligned to each client and situation.


Julia Greco, LMT
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