Fertility Awareness Method Education

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Learn to chart your menstrual cycle, using your body's own fertility biomarkers - temperature, cervical mucus, and cervical position - either as a method of natural birth control or to help maximize your chances of natural conception, and to learn more about your overall health.

I am currently an Intern with Justisse College and am accepting clients at a reduced rate during my practicum. If you are interested in learning to chart using the Justisse Method, please reach out to me at amanda@forestandmeadow.com. I'd love to chat further with you about this!

For folks wishing to chart using an app, please check out Read Your Body, a non-profit charting app that is endorsed by fertility awareness training institutes and educators, is respectful of diverse values, beliefs and practices, and offers total data privacy with optional encrypted backups. Clients who learn to chart with me get 3 FREE months on the app!