Rose Hydrosol
Rose Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol


Rosa damascena

Certified Organic

Our Rose hydrosol is a gentle alternative to Rose oil, with the same therapeutic properties. It’s exquisite aroma transports us to a floral-rich summer garden. It can be used as a single note perfume, or as a hydrating facial toner, restoring balance to the skin. It makes an excellent daily luxury, enlivening the soul and uplifting the heart.

Use as a facial toner for a softer appearance by misting face or body after daily cleansing routine, allowing the skin to stay hydrated and nourished.

Use as a single note perfume by misting the body generously throughout the day for a soft-floral aroma with a luxurious feel.

Use for emotional support by misting on or around your body frequently throughout the day to revive the spirit and provide gentle encouragement. Apply 1/2 cup of Rose hydrosol to bath water and enjoy the calming effects.

Add to facial masks using as the wetting agent in facial or other skin care products.