Mullein Torches

Mullein Torches


Mullein stalks, dipped in 100% beeswax and pressed with wildcrafted aromatic herbs

These mullein torches are each made with intention and care. The dried mullein stalks are dipped in beeswax and pressed into aromatic herbs. This batch is rolled in rabbit tobacco, mugwort, and goldenrod from an early winter harvest in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the unceeded lands of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee.

To Use:

  • Push stalk into the ground  (or into a fire safe container filled with rocks or sand).

  • Keep away from other flammables and light at the top, until a flame begins (or trim off the waxy top for quicker lighting). 

  • Burns approx. 15 minutes per inch.


Mullein torches have been in use in many traditions throughout history. They were used in Europe and Asia for rituals varying from funeral rites, harvest celebrations, and as a protection from evil and harmful magic. 

Now an abundant roadside “weed”, it continues to be a plant with many magical and medicinal properties.


These mullein torches can be used for personal ritual at times of transformation, or to bring gravitas and protection to a gathering. May they bring focus and intent to your rites.


Made by small business Beheld Ritual Arts.