Havdalah Candle
Havdalah Candle

Havdalah Candle


Multi-strand, braided 100% beeswax candle for ritual use

Havdalah - הַבְדָּלָה

The word havdalah means separation. It is the ritual used to conclude Shabbat (after 24 hrs of delicious rest), to separate/extract ourselves from that set aside holy time, and prepare to re-enter the world again.

Traditionally, these candles are burned horizontally, while blessings are spoken over the candle, the wine (overflowing onto the plate below), and the besamim (fragrant spices). The flame is burned over a plate, to catch the drips, and then extinguished in the wine of the kiddish cup (to be used again and again). All of this is woven together with a few songs for good measure.

This ritual basks in a sense of abundance and a deep reverence for our own sensing bodies.


For those who are in love with these candles but do not practice Judaism, the artist formed these with a base that fits into a traditional candlestick so they can be burned upright.

They weave each candle in meditation with a meaningful song on repeat, imbuing them with the magic spell of the music.

In many cultures, weaving, braiding, and harmony singing, are all forms of spell-casting. May these cast sweet spells on all who commune with their light.


These candles, like all Beheld Ritual Arts candles, are made with 100% beeswax, single-sourced from a local NC apiary, with 100% cotton wick.

Dimensions - each candle is unique, but they average 10”-11” in length.


Made by small business Beheld Ritual Arts.