Great Rivers Greenway Tea

Great Rivers Greenway Tea


A refreshing green tea featuring an abundance of local plants found along the greenways throughout the St. Louis Region.

Organic Wuyuan Green Tea, Organic Elder Berry, Organic Sumac Berry, Organic Elder Flower, Organic Anise Hyssop Herb, Organic Goldenrod Herb, Organic Rose Petal 

Contains caffeine.

Suggested Use:

Use 1-2 tsp of the herbs per cup of just-boiled water and steep for 3 minutes. Strain and enjoy while you think about our beautiful Great Rivers Greenway. Can also be enjoyed iced.

A percentage of each sale is donated to Great Rivers Greenway. These donations allow Great Rivers Greenway to collaborate with partners and communities to build, care for and bring to life your network of greenways, creating healthy habitats and watersheds along the way.