Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes by Pam Farley

Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes by Pam Farley


Over 150 Recipes for Health and Wellness.

Craft Your Own Essential Oil Blends!

Do you pine for a clean, fresh-smelling home without the dangerous chemicals found in traditional “air-freshening” products? Do you want to feel the blissful escape as aromatic scents permeate the air in your workspace? Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes will teach you how to combine, use, and diffuse essential oils so that you can scent your home or workspace and create a peaceful and immersing ambiance.

Within this book, you’ll find descriptions of different oil diffusers that will help you decide which product will help you embark on your journey to serenity. Following these descriptions are more than 150 recipes to create scents that assist you in cultivating mental clarity, relaxation, and sleep, as well provide you with immune support, stress relief, mood enhancement, romantic atmosphere, and much more! Fifty beautiful color photographs accompany the recipes, providing readers with stunning visuals to aid the book’s instruction. These recipes include:

  • Wake Me Up
  • Mama's Little Helper
  • Freshly Focused
  • Nature's Bliss
  • Margarita Sunrise
  • Forest Staycation
  • Respiratory Relief
  • Love Potion
  • Man Cave
  • Hibernate
  • No More Sniffles
  • Mountain Rain
  • Stress Less
  • Pillow Talk
  • So Many More!

These recipes can be used with any brand of essential oil. Start experiencing all of the amazing benefits that aromatherapy has to offer today!