Cedar Candles

Cedar Candles


8” Cedar Tapers (pair) - 100% beeswax taper w/ cedar, 3/4" diameter

These beeswax tapers are lovingly, slowly, and enjoyably hand-dipped, one layer at a time (up to 2 dozen dips). This method makes a long burning, dripless taper. Each cedar candle is wrapped in fragrant green cedar branchlets before the final dips.

These candles are meant to be burned but take special care in burning, as the cedar leaves may catch fire and can become a hazard if left unattended (sensitive smoke detectors may protest).

They are an offering of warmth and light to what’s holy. Beeswax is a precious substance! Worker bees extrude beeswax as they eat honey, in order to construct their honeycomb and nurseries. It takes an average of 6-8 lbs. of honey (30 million flowers) to create 1 lb. of beeswax (equivalent to seven 10” tapers). All Beheld Ritual Arts candles are made with single-sourced beeswax from a small local apiary in Western North Carolina. Many thanks to the bees and their keepers!


These candles are dipped with intention and care, to be burned in the same way. May they bring beauty and focus to your own ritual space, or coziness and a sense of safety to your home.


Made by small business Beheld Ritual Arts.