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"Amanda is deeply rooted in the Wise Woman Tradition of health and healing. Her knowledge and wisdom have transformed my life deeply and I wouldn't be where I am today without her. Whether receiving Maya Abdominal Massage, discussing herbal remedies or just sitting together in circle as sisters, Amanda has proven time and time again that her skill-set reflects an immense dedication to her studies and profession as a whole. She has also shown a deep commitment to something bigger that I find invaluable -- an intuition and a knowing that goes beyond medicine, beyond science. She courageously steps into vulnerability by not always having "the right answer" or solution to an ailment, but instead encouraging us both to cultivate a curiosity and an open-ness to what remember that our bodies are full of wonder and have an innate intelligence beyond the mind. If you are considering Amanda as a practitioner, go for it! Her work is worth every penny!"






- Dakota Hindman





- Emma Jackson

"Amanda's body work is phenomenal, and she really helped me and supported me in my healing process. Not only is the body work amazing, but Amanda is very kind, approachable, comforting, and compassionate. She truly listens. She helped me find relief for the first time in years for ongoing pain and tension in my abdomen and other parts of the body. She opened my eyes to places where I was harboring stress and taught me self care to practice at home which is something no other massage therapist has ever done for me. I highly recommend Amanda's body work!"


"Amanda and I worked together last year when I was struggling to regulate my period. This was a really vulnerable time in my life, and Amanda provided me incredible support. Working with Amanda was an integral part of my healing process because not only did she have a vast knowledge about herbalism and abdominal massage, but she continued to encourage me to engage in self-care and heal my own body. I'm so thankful I crossed paths with Amanda and that she was a part of my journey!"






- Cera Ariel